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Fashion/head-shot/Editorial shoots

Here is all my work to date. Contact me for booking info.

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Here are all my surfing shots. Contact us for any booking questions.

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still life

Here are all our still life shots. For any booking questions make sure ...

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Santa Rita Salerno

Photo essay

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Contact us for booking.

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Here are my skateboarding team with a few pros and the Board Warrior t ...

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Vans us open of surfing 2013

Here are my shots from this last week at the Vans us open of surfing. ...

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summer 2014

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Cory Patterson is a photographer at heart, who is absolutely and completely enthusiastic about his work. He lives in Silver Lake Ca. and thrives in capturing the artistic beauty of life and landscapes, and also brilliantly photographs high-fashion. Shooting 35mm, medium format and digital, he certainly has the knack for taking a perfect picture.

Practicing photography for 14 years, Cory is always brainstorming and dreaming of what’s next. He does not compromise his ability to get the best shot. The camera is his tool and he wants nothing more than to capture life-as-it-happens photographs that are more than pleasing to the eye, but also fiercely expressive, creative, sublime.

Feel free to contact him for booking info.